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Kromann, S. H.; Saveer, A. M.; Binyameen, M.; Bengtsson, M.; Birgersson, G.; Hansson, B. S.; Schlyter, F.; Witzgall, P.; Ignell, R.; Becher, P. G.: Concurrent modulation of neuronal and behavioural olfactory responses to sex and host plant cues in a male moth. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1799), 20141884 (2015)
Dweck, H.; Ebrahim, S.; Kromann, S.; Bown, D.; Hillbur, Y.; Sachse, S.; Hansson, B.; Stensmyr, M. C.: Olfactory preference for egg laying on Citrus substrates in Drosophila. Current Biology 23, S. 2472 - 2480 (2013)
Kromann, S. H.; Hansson, B.; Ignell, R.: Distribution of neuropeptides in the antennal lobes of male Spodoptera littoralis. Cell and Tissue Research 354, S. 431 - 440 (2013)
Saveer, A. M.; Kromann, S. H.; Birgersson, G.; Bengtsson, M.; Lindblom, T.; Balkenius, A.; Hansson, B.; Witzgall, P.; Becher, P. G.; Ignell, R.: Floral to green: mating switches moth olfactory coding and preference. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1737), S. 2314 - 2322 (2012)
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