Publikationen von Shabnam Mohammadi

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Mohammadi, S.; Özdemir, H. İ.; Ozbek, P.; Sumbul, F.; Stiller, J.; Deng, Y.; Crawford, A. J.; Rowland, H. M.; Storz, J. F.; Andolfatto, P. . et al.; Dobler, S.: Epistatic effects between amino acid insertions and substitutions mediate toxin-resistance of vertebrate Na+, K+-ATPases. Molecular Biology and Evolution 39 (12), msac258 (2022)
Mohammadi, S.; Yang, L.; Bulbert, M.; Rowland, H. M.: Defence mitigation by predators of chemically defended prey integrated over the predation sequence and across biological levels with a focus on cardiotonic steroids. Royal Society Open Science 9 (9), 220363 (2022)
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