Publikationen von I. Schnitzler

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Schnitzler, I.; Pohnert, G.; Hay, M.; Boland, W.: Chemical defense of brown algae (Dictyopteris spp.) against the herbivorous amphipod Ampithoe longimana. Oecologia 126 (4), S. 515 - 521 (2001)
Hay, M. E.; Piel, J.; Boland, W.; Schnitzler, I.: Seaweed sex pheromones and their degradation products frequently suppress amphipod feeding but rarely suppress sea urchin feeding. Chemoecology 8 (2), S. 91 - 98 (1998)
Schnitzler, I.; Boland, W.; Hay, M. E.: Organic sulfur compounds from Dictyopteris spp. deter feeding by an herbivorous amphipod (Ampithoe longimana) but not by an herbivorous sea urchin (Arbacia punctulata). Journal of Chemical Ecology 24 (10), S. 1715 - 1732 (1998)
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