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Kost, S.; Heckel, D. G.; Yoshido, A.; Marec, F.; Groot, A. T.: A Z-linked sterility locus causes sexual abstinence in hybrid females and facilitates speciation in Spodoptera frugiperda. Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 70 (6), S. 1418 - 1427 (2016)
de Bionda, C. L.; Kost, S.; Salas, N. E.; Lajmanovich, R. C.; Sinsch, U.; Martino, A. L.: Age structure, growth and longevity in the common toad, Rhinella arenarum, from Argentina. Acta Herpetologica 10 (1), S. 55 - 62 (2015)
Albre, J.; Liénard, M. A.; Sirey, T. M.; Schmidt, S.; Tooman, L. K.; Carraher, C.; Greenwood, D. R.; Löfstedt, C.; Newcomb, R. D.: Sex pheromone evolution is associated with differential regulation of the same desaturase gene in two genera of leafroller moths. PLoS Genetics 8 (1), e1002489 (2012)
Voelckel, C.; Mirzaei, M.; Reichelt, M.; Luo, Z.; Pascovici, D.; Heenan, P. B.; Schmidt, S.; Janssen, B.; Haynes, P. A.; Lockhart, P. J.: Transcript and protein profiling identify candidate gene sets of potential adaptive significance in New Zealand Pachycladon. BMC Evolutionary Biology 10, 151 (2010)
Schmidt, S.; Baldwin, I. T.: Down-regulation of systemin after herbivory is associated with increased root allocation and competitive ability in Solanum nigrum. Oecologia 159 (3), S. 473 - 482 (2009)
Schmidt, S.; Baldwin, I. T.: Systemin in Solanum nigrum. The tomato-homologous polypeptide does not mediate direct defense responses. Plant Physiology 142 (4), S. 1751 - 1758 (2006)
Schmidt, D. D.; Voelckel, C.; Hartl, M.; Schmidt, S.; Baldwin, I. T.: Specificity in ecological interactions. Attack from the same lepidopteran herbivore results in species-specific transcriptional responses in two solanaceous host plants. Plant Physiology 138 (3), S. 1763 - 1773 (2005)
Schmidt, D. D.; Kessler, A.; Kessler, D.; Schmidt, S.; Lim, M.; Gase, K.; Baldwin, I. T.: Solanum nigrum: A model ecological expression system and its tools. Molecular Ecology 13 (5), S. 981 - 995 (2004)

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Groot, A. T.; Unbehend, M.; Hänniger, S.; Juarez, M. L.; Kost, S.; Heckel, D. G.: Evolution of Reproductive Isolation of Spodoptera frugiperda. In: Pheromone communication in Moths: Evolution, Behavior, and Application, S. 291 - 300 (Hg. Allison, J. D.; Cardé, R. T.). Univ. of California press, Oakland (2016)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Schmidt, S.: Responses of Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) to insect herbivory with a special focus on the 18-amino acid polypeptide systemin. Dissertation, 132 S., Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena (2007)
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