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Tuchina, O.; Koczan, S.; Harzsch, S.; Rybak, J.; Wolff, G.; Strausfeld, N. J.; Hansson, B. S.: Central projections of antennular chemosensory and mechanosensory afferents in the brain of the terrestrial hermit crab (Coenobita clypeatus; Coenobitidae, Anomura). Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 9, 94 (2015)
Tuchina, O.; Groh, K.; Talarico, G.; Müller, C. H. G.; Wielsch, N.; Hupfer, Y.; Svatoš, A.; Grosse-Wilde, E.; Hansson, B. S.: Morphology and histochemistry of the aesthetasc-associated epidermal glands in terrestrial hermit crabs of the genus Coenobita (Decapoda: Paguroidea). PLoS One 9 (5), e96430 (2014)
Polanska, M.; Tuchina, O.; Agricola, H.; Hansson, B.; Harzsch, S.: Neuropeptide complexity in the crustacean central olfactory pathway: immunolocalization of A-type allatostatins and RFamide-like peptides in the brain of a terrestrial hermit crab. Molecular Brain 5, 29 (2012)
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