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Mitra, S.; Estrada-Tejedor, R.; Volke, D. C.; Phillips, M. A.; Gershenzon, J.; Wright, L.: Negative regulation of plastidial isoprenoid pathway by herbivore-induced beta-cyclocitral in Arabidopsis thaliana. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (10), e2008747118 (2021)
Poreddy, S.; Mitra, S.; Schöttner, M.; Chandran, J. N.; Schneider, B.; Baldwin, I. T.; Kumar, P.; Pandit, S. S.: Detoxification of hostplant’s chemical defense rather than its anti-predator co-option drives beta-glucosidase-mediated lepidopteran counter-adaptation. Nature Communications 6, 8525 (2015)
Mitra, S.; Baldwin, I. T.: RuBPCase activase mediates growth-defense tradeoffs: silencing RCA redirects jasmonic acid (JA) flux from JA-Ile to MeJA to attenuate induced defense responses in Nicotiana attenuata. New Phytologist 201, S. 1385 - 1395 (2014)
Mitra, S.; Baldwin, I. T.: Independent silencing of two photosynthetic proteins in Nicotiana attenuata has different effects on herbivore resistance. Plant Physiology 148 (2), S. 1128 - 1138 (2008)
Mitra, S.; Wünsche, H.; Giri, A. P.; Hivrale, V.; Baldwin, I. T.: Silencing 7 herbivory-regulated proteins in Nicotiana attenuata to understand their function in plant–herbivore interactions. Functional Ecology 22, S. 606 - 615 (2008)
Pandit, S. S.; Mitra, S. S.; Giri, A. P.; Gupta, V. S.: A quick method for isolating RNA from raw and ripe fleshy fruits as well as for co-isolating DNA and RNA from polysaccharide- and polyphenol-rich leaf tissues. Journal of Plant Biology 50 (1), S. 60 - 64 (2007)
Pandit, S. S.; Mitra, S.; Giri, A.P.; Pujari, K. H.; Patil, B. P.; Jambhale, N. D.; Gupta, V. S.: Genetic diversity analysis of mango cultivars using inter simple sequence repeat markers. Current Science 93 (8), S. 1135 - 1141 (2007)
Giri, A. P.; Wünsche, H.; Mitra, S.; Zavala, J. A.; Muck, A.; Svatos, A.; Baldwin, I. T.: Molecular interactions between the specialist herbivore Manduca sexta (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae) and its natural host Nicotiana attenuata. VII. Changes in the plant's proteome. Plant Physiology 142 (4), S. 1621 - 1641 (2006)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Mitra, S.: Herbivore induced changes in the plant’s proteome and the role of atypical herbivore-responsive proteins in Nicotiana attenuata. Dissertation, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena (2008)
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