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Tolzin-Banasch, K.; Dagvadorj, E.; Sammer, U.; Kunert, M.; Kirsch, R.; Ploss, K.; Pasteels, J.M.; Boland, W.: Glucose and glucose esters in the larval secretion of Chrysomela lapponica: Selectivity of the glucoside import system from host plant leaves. Journal of Chemical Ecology 37 (2), S. 195 - 204 (2011)
Burse, A.; Frick, S.; Discher, S.; Tolzin-Banasch, K.; Kirsch, R.; Strauß, A.; Kunert, M.; Boland, W.: Always being well prepared for defense: The production of deterrents by juvenile Chrysomelina beetles (Chrysomelidae). Phytochemistry 70 (15-16), S. 1899 - 1909 (2009)
Kirsch, R.; Richter, S.: The nervous system of Leptodora kindtii (Branchiopoda, Cladocera) surveyed with Confocal Scanning Microscopy (CLSM), including general remarks on the branchiopod neuromorphological ground pattern. Arthropod Structure & Development 36 (2), S. 143 - 156 (2007)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (1)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Kirsch, R.: Identification and characterization of defense related enzymes in Chrysomelina larvae (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae): Contributions to understand the evolutionary and molecular dynamics of chemical defense in leaf beetles. Dissertation, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena (2011)
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