Publikationen von C. L. Ballare

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Izaguirre, M. M.; Mazza, C. A.; Biondini, M.; Baldwin, I. T.; Ballare, C. L.: Remote sensing of future competitors: Impacts on plant defenses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103 (18), S. 7170 - 7174 (2006)
Izaguirre, M. M.; Scopel, A. L.; Baldwin, I. T.; Ballare, C. L.: Convergent responses to stress. Solar ultraviolet-B radiation and Manduca sexta herbivory elicit overlapping transcriptional responses in field-grown plants of Nicotiana longiflora. Plant Physiology 132 (4), S. 1755 - 1767 (2003)
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