Publikationen von Katrin Bohl

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Germerodt, S.; Bohl, K.; Lück, A.; Pande, S.; Schröter, A.; Kaleta, C.; Schuster, S.; Kost, C.: Pervasive selection for cooperative cross-feeding in bacterial communities. PLoS Computational Biology 12 (6), e1004986 (2016)
D'Souza, G.; Waschina, S.; Pande, S.; Bohl, K.; Kaleta, C.; Kost, C.: Less is more: Selective advantages can explain the prevalent loss of biosynthetic genes in bacteria. Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 68 (9), S. 2559 - 2570 (2014)
Pande, S.; Merker, H.; Bohl, K.; Reichelt, M.; Schuster, S.; de Figueiredo, L. F.; Kaleta, C.; Kost, C.: Fitness and stability of obligate cross-feeding interactions that emerge upon gene loss in bacteria. The ISME Journal 8, S. 953 - 962 (2014)

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Bohl, K.; de Figueiredo, L. F.; Hädicke, O.; Klamt, S.; Kost, C.; Schuster, S.; Kaleta, C.: CASOP GS: Computing intervention strategies targeted at production improvement in genome-scale metabolic networks. In: Proceedings of the 25th German Conference on Bioinformatics, S. 71 - 80 (Hg. Schomburg, D.; Grote, A.). Gesellschaft f. Informatik, Bonn (2010)
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