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Keesey, I.; Zhang, J.; Depetris-Chauvin, A.; Obiero, G. F.; Gupta, A.; Gupta, N.; Vogel, H.; Knaden, M.; Hansson, B. S.: Functional olfactory evolution in Drosophila suzukii and the subgenus Sophophora. iScience 25 (5), 104212 (2022)
Obiero, G. F.; Pauli, T.; Geuverink, E.; Veenendaal, R.; Niehuis, O.; Grosse-Wilde, E.: Chemoreceptor diversity in apoid wasps and its reduction during the evolution of the pollen-collecting lifestyle of bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea). Genome Biology and Evolution 13 (3), evaa269 (2021)
Keesey, I.; Grabe, V.; Gruber, L.; Körte, S.; Obiero, G. F.; Bolton, G.; Khallaf, M. A.; Kunert, G.; Lavista Llanos, S.; Valenzano, D. R. et al.; Rybak, J.; Barrett, B. A.; Knaden, M.; Hansson, B. S.: Inverse resource allocation between vision and olfaction across the genus Drosophila. Nature Communications 10, 1162 (2019)
Zhang, J.; Bisch-Knaden, S.; Fandino, R. A.; Yan, S.; Obiero, G. F.; Grosse-Wilde, E.; Hansson, B. S.; Knaden, M.: The olfactory coreceptor IR8a governs larval feces-mediated competition avoidance in a hawkmoth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (43), S. 21828 - 21833 (2019)
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