From left to right: Michael Easson, Andrew O'Donnell, Sandra Lackner, Anja Meents, and Mohammed Khallaf (click to enlarge)

March 15, 2018
Michael Easson, Andrew O'Donnell, Sandra Lackner, Anja Meents and Mohammed Khallaf winners of the IMPRS presentation awards
During the 17th IMPRS Symposium in Dornburg, Michael Easson (best talk: "The sweet life: Mechanistic parallels between osmoregulation and detoxification in Bemisia tabaci"), Andrew O'Donnell (best poster: "Evolution of conifer diterpene resin acids followed evolutionary patterns supported by the patchwork hypothesis"), Sandra Lackner (best poster: "Belowground defenses in black poplar"), Anja Meents (best poster: "Could you be the One? – Identification of calcium signaling mutants"), and Mohammed Khallaf (best talk: "Finding a partner: Sexual communication in Drosophila") received the IMPRS travel awards for the best presentations.

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December 7, 2017
Bill Hansson received another honorary doctorate
The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague awarded Bill S. Hansson, director of the Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology, the honorary doctorate to recognize his role as a foremost specialist in the fields of chemical ecology and insect neuroecology. Bill Hansson collaborates with the university’s Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences and is the chair of the External Advisory Board of the project EXTEMIT-K with the focus on the “mitigation of the impact of climatic changes to forests from the level of a gene to the level of a landscape”.  The honorary doctorate also appreciates his efforts in establishing such European research partnerships.