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Desert ants increase the visibility of their nest entrances in the absence of landmarks

If other visual cues are missing, ants build higher nest hills to facilitate homing of foraging nest mates more

Analysis of single plant cells provides insights into natural product biosynthesis

Single-cell multi-omics reveals that cell types are differentially involved in the production and accumulation of medically relevant plant compounds more

Chemical signal protects migratory locusts from cannibalism

Migratory locusts release a toxic substance to fend off their own conspecifics

A dual symbiosis supports cuticle formation in wood-feeding beetles

Two bacterial partners supply auger beetles with vital nutrients for the synthesis of a sturdy exoskeleton more

Air pollution impairs successful mating of flies

High levels of ozone destroy the chemical mating signal of the insects and may thus contribute to global insect decline more

Symbiotic fungi transform terpenes from spruce resin into attractants for bark beetles

When metabolizing spruce bark, the insect’s fungal partners release volatile compounds that bark beetles recognize through specialized olfactory sensory neurons more

The dark cost of being toxic

The dark cost of being toxic

January 18, 2023

Sequestration of plant toxins by monarch butterflies leads to reduced warning signal conspicuousness more

Cabbage white butterflies utilize two gut enzymes for maximum flexibility in deactivating mustard oil bombs

Depending on the composition of the defensive toxins of their host plants, the insects use two different complementary enzymes for detoxification more

The Mona Lisa effect: How eyespots deter predators that approach from different directions

Chicks are intimidated by eyespots that appear to gaze at them, providing an explanation for why eyespots are often symmetrical more

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