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As a statistical consultant of the institute I am the contact person in case you have questions regarding experimental design or the analysis of your data. If you have a biological question in mind, but you are not sure about a proper experimental design, if you have an experimental design in mind, but you don’t know how to analyze the data afterwards, or if you analyze your data and recognize that the statistical test you had in mind is not appropriate, than just contact me and I will try to help you.

Most of the statistical analyzes I do in R. Depending on your question and your previous knowledge I will either help you to analyze your data yourself, or I will analyze the data for you.

Additionally, once a year I will give a beginners course for statistics and R. If you are interested just wait for the call.


Here an (incomplete) list of methods I use:

t-tests: if you want to compare means of two groups

analysis of variance (anova): if you want to compare more than two groups, or if you have more than one treatment

linear regressions: if you want to know whether on continuous variable is dependent on another continuous variable

analysis of covariance (ancova): if you want to know whether one continuous variable is dependent on another continuous variable, and whether this is equal or different for different treatments (a combination of anova and regression)

generalized linear models (glm): if you want to analyze count or proportional data

generalized least squares models (gls): if the variability of the groups you want to compare is different

mixed-effects models: if you want to analyze data, which are not independent (like repeated measurements of the same individuals or several measurements / treatments on each of your individuals under investigation)

survival analyses

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