Theses of the VW Research Group Experimental Ecology and Evolution


Doctoral thesis:


1   Pande, Samay, Ecological mechanisms that stabilize cooperative cross-feeding interactions in bacteria

Diploma-/ Master theses:


1   Preussger, Daniel, The effect of spatial structure on the evolution of cooperative amino acid cross-feeding within bacterial consortia


1   Dietel, Anne-Kathrin, Metabolic costs of copy number, size, and GC-content of plasmids as model endosymbionts

2   Waschina, Silvio, Theoretical design and experimental verification of amino acid overproducing strains of Escherichia coli using CASOP GS


1   Scholz, Sandra, Establishing of a flexible labelling strategy for soil bacteria with fluorescent proteins


1   Bertels, Felix, Entwicklung eines synthetischen Modellsystems zur Untersuchung mutualistischer Interaktionen: Aminosäurequantifizierung und Markierungsstrategie

Bachelor theses:


1   Freund, Lisa, Effect of population bottlenecks on cooperative cross-feeding interactions


1   Roetz, Florian, The effect of diversity on productivity within cooperative amino acid cross-feeding consortia of auxotrophic Escherichia coli

2   Rothenburger, Linda, Coevolution of bacteria and plasmids


1   Weise, Tobias, Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme einer Labor- Chemostaten-Anlage zur Kokultivierung mutualistischer Bakterienstämme