VW Research Group Experimental Ecology and Evolution

    Associated group members

               Sailendharan Sudakaran
                 (in cooperation with Martin Kaltenpoth)

    Previous members of the EEE-group

Doctoral students:
- Kathrin Bohl (now: maternity leave)
- Samay Pande (now: post-doc at the ETH Zürich)

Diploma/ Master students:
- Sandra Scholz (now: PhD student)
- Felix Bertels

Bachelor students:
- Tobias Weise
- Florian Rötz
- Linda Rothenburger
- Lisa Freund

Internship students:
- Janet Grabengiesser
- Tina Schiklang
- Linda Rothenburger
Robin Bubholz
Jasmin Herden
Ingrid Teich
- Carsten Dornblut