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Book Chapter
Boland, W.: Odoriferous Polyene Hydrocarbons from Marine and Terrestrial Plants. In: Bioflavour '87: analysis, biochemistry, biotechnology ; proceedings of the International Conference, Würzburg, Federal Republic of Germany, September 29 - 30, 1987, pp. 199 - 220 (Ed. Schreier, P.). de Gruyter, Berlin [u.a.] (1988)
Book Chapter
Boland, W.; Ney, P.; Jaenicke, L.; Gassmann, G.: A „Closed-Loop-Stripping“ Technique as a Versatile Tool for Metabolic Studies of Volatiles. In: Analysis of volatiles: Methods and applications ; International Workshop, Proceedings, pp. 371 - 380 (Ed. Schreier, P.). Walter de Gruyter & Co., Berlin ; New York (1984)

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Adam, G.; Anke, H.; Boland, W.; Breiling, M.; Donath, J.; Francke, W.; Fugmann, B.; Hansske, F. G.; Hartmann, T.; Hatanaka, S.-I. et al.; Höfle, G.; Hopp, R.; Huber, U.; Huneck, S.; Kusch, D.; Lang-Fugmann, S.; Moeschler, H.; Montforts, F.-P.; Peter, M.; Piel, J.; Schick, H.; Schliemann, W.; Schmidt, J.; Schreiber, K.; Schütte, H.-R.; Schulz, S.; Stanjek, V.; Steffan, B.; Steglich, W.; Stöckigt, J.; Strack, D.; Surburg, H.; Thiem, J.; Weber, N.; Weinges, K.; Werkhoff, P.; Witte, L.; Zeeck, A.; Zinsmeister, H. D.: Roempp encyclopedia natural products. Thieme, Stuttgart (2000)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Schmid, D.; Nagasato, C.; Muck, A.; Loele, A.; Svatoš, A.; Motomura, T.; Boland, W.: Sex-related proteins in Scytosiphon lomentaria (Phaeophyceae) - a comparative proteomic approach. Phycologia 48 (4), p. 116 - 116 (2009)
Conference Paper
Ping, L.; Spiteller, D.; Boland, W.: Plant defense-inducing N-acylgutamines from insect guts: structural diversity and microbe-assisted biosyntheses. In: The BCPC International Congress - Crop Science and Technology 2003. The BCPC International Congress - Crop Science and Technology 2003, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. (2003)
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