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Arimura, G. I.; Köpke, S.; Kunert, M.; Volpe, V.; David, A.; Brand, P.; Dabrowska, P.; Maffei, M. E.; Boland, W.: Effects of feeding spodoptera littoralis on Lima Bean leaves IV: diurnal and nocturnal damage differentially initiate plant volatile emission. Plant Physiology 146 (3), S. 965 - 973 (2008)
Burse, A.; Frick, S.; Schmidt, A.; Büchler, R.; Kunert, M.; Gershenzon, J.; Brandt, W.; Boland, W.: Implication of HMGR in homoeostasis of sequestered and de novo produced precursors of the iridoid biosynthesis in leaf beetle larvae. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 38 (1), S. 76 - 88 (2008)
Kunert, M.; Søe, A. R. B.; Bartram, S.; Pasteels, J.; Discher, S.; Tolzin-Banasch, K.; Nie, L.; David, A.; Boland, W.: De novo biosynthesis versus sequestration: a network of transport systems in leaf beetle larvae supports both modes for the production of iridoid defenses. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 38 (10), S. 895 - 904 (2008)
Schlumpberger, B. O.; Jux, A.; Kunert, M.; Boland, W.; Wittmann, D.: Musty-earthy scent in cactus flowers: Characteristics of floral scent production in dehydrogeosmin-producing cacti. International Journal of Plant Sciences 165 (6), S. 1007 - 1015 (2004)
Kunert, M.; Biedermann, A.; Koch, T.; Boland, W.: Ultrafast sampling and analysis of plant volatiles by a hand-held miniaturised GC with pre-concentration unit: Kinetic and quantitative aspects of plant volatile production. Journal of Separation Science 25 (10-11), S. 677 - 684 (2002)
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