Six winners of the 22nd IMPRS presentation awards this year

March 23, 2023

After this year’s IMPRS symposium on March 21-22 in Dornburg, the winners of the talk and poster awards were announced last night. The awards for the best talks went to Ana Baños, Department of Insect Symbiosis ("Gut symbiont transmission in bark beetles"), Venkatesh Pal Mahadevan, Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology ("Exploring the olfactory neuroecology of Drosophila busckii"), and Nomthi Kanyile, Department of Insect Symbiosis ("Inhibition of the shikimate pathway by glyphosate disrupts the stability of symbiosis and impairs host fitness across diverse grain pest beetles"). The awards for the best posters went to Marina Quadrado, Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology ("Evolution of the olfactory system in feeding versus non-feeding moths"), Ramya Ganesan, Department of Insect Symbiosis ("Dynamics and mechanisms aiding symbiont colonization in a darkling beetle"), and Francesca Protti Sanchez, Max Planck Research Group Predators and Toxic Prey ("How bold, bright and nasty are poison frogs?"). Congratulations! There were many other great posters and talks. Thanks to all participants who made this symposium such a wonderful event.

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