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Wu, J.; Hettenhausen, C.; Meldau, S.; Baldwin, I. T.: Herbivory rapidly activates MAPK signaling in attacked and unattacked leaf regions but not between leaves of Nicotiana attenuata. The Plant Cell 19 (3), S. 1096 - 1122 (2007)
Wu, J.; Kang, J.-H.; Hettenhausen, C.; Baldwin, I. T.: Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) silences the accumulation of aberrant trypsin proteinase inhibitor mRNA in Nicotiana attenuata. The Plant Journal 51 (4), S. 693 - 706 (2007)
Wu, J.; Kurten, E. L.; Monshausen, G.; Hummel, G. M.; Gilroy, S.; Baldwin, I. T.: NaRALF, a peptide signal essential for the regulation of root hair tip apoplastic pH in Nicotiana attenuata, is required for root hair development and plant growth in native soils. The Plant Journal 52 (5), S. 877 - 890 (2007)

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Galis, I.; Matsuoka, K.: Transcriptomic analysis of salicylic acid-responsive genes in tobacco BY-2 cells. In: Salicylic Acid: A Plant Hormone, S. 371 - 396 (Hg. Hayat, S.; Ahmad, A.). Springer, Dordrecht (2007)
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