Publications of Yindi Jiang

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Journal Article
Schotte, C.; Jiang, Y.; Grzech, D.; Dang, T.-T. T.; Laforest, L. C.; León, F.; Mottinelli, M.; Nadakuduti, S. S.; McCurdy, C. R.; O’Connor, S. E.: Directed biosynthesis of mitragynine stereoisomers. Journal of the American Chemical Society 145 (9), pp. 4957 - 4963 (2023)
Journal Article
Rodriguez Lopez, C. E.; Jiang, Y.; Kamileen, M. O.; Lichman, B. R.; Hong, B.; Vaillancourt, B.; Buell, C. R.; O’Connor, S. E.: Phylogeny-aware chemoinformatic analysis of chemical diversity in Lamiaceae enables iridoid pathway assembly and discovery of aucubin synthase. Molecular Biology and Evolution 39 (4), msac057 (2022)
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