Publications of Andrew J. Davis

Journal Article (11)

Journal Article
Davis, A. J.; Peng, T.-X.; Li, X.: Phenology or resources limit Drosophila local biodiversity in a southern Asian continental subtropical forest. Drosophila Information Service 100, pp. 71 - 74 (2017)
Journal Article
Docimo, T.; Davis, A. J.; Luck, K.; Fellenberg, C.; Reichelt, M.; Phillips, M.; Gershenzon, J.; D'Auria, J.: Influence of medium and elicitors on the production of cocaine, amino acids and phytohormones by Erythroxylum coca calli. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 120, pp. 1061 - 1075 (2015)
Journal Article
Davis, A. J.: Drosophila suzukii larvae suppress Aspergillus nidulans growth particularly at high densities of larvae. Drosophila Information Service 97, pp. 156 - 159 (2014)
Journal Article
Davis, A. J.: A line in birds: Thomas Wright Blakiston, ornithologist and biogeographer in early Meiji Japan. Japan Society Proceedings 47, pp. 63 - 75 (2010)
Journal Article
Sloggett, J.J.; Davis, A.J.: Eating chemically defended prey: alkaloid metabolism in an invasive ladybird predator of other ladybirds (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae). Journal of Experimental Biology 213, pp. 237 - 241 (2010)
Journal Article
Sloggett, J. J.; Haynes, K. F.; Obrycki, J. J.; Davis, A. J.: Harmonia axyridis as a model for predator adaptation to chemically defended prey. Benefits and Risks of Exotic Biological Control Agents 58, pp. 105 - 113 (2010)
Journal Article
Wright, L. P.; Davis, A.J.; Wingfield, B. D.; Crous, P. W.; Brennemann, T.; Wingfield, M. J.: Population structure of Cylindrocladium parasiticum infecting peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) in Georgia, USA. European Journal of Plant Pathology 127 (2), pp. 199 - 206 (2010)
Journal Article
Chen, H.-W.; Liu, W.-C.; Davis, A. J.; Jordán, F.; Hwang, M.-J.; Shao, K.-T.: Network position of hosts in food webs and their parasite diversity. Oikos 117 (12), pp. 1847 - 1855 (2008)
Journal Article
Liu, W.-C.; Lin, W.-H.; Davis, A. J.; Jordan, F.; Yang, H. T.; Hwang, M.-J.: A network perspective on the topological importance of enzymes and their phylogenetic conservation. BMC Bioinformatics 8, 121 (2007)
Journal Article
Jordan, F.; Liu, W. C.; Davis, A. J.: Topological keystone species: measures of positional importance in food webs. Oikos 112 (3), pp. 535 - 546 (2006)
Journal Article
Wagner, G.; Köhler, G.; Berger, U.; Davis, A.J.: An experiment to reestablish the red-winged grasshopper Oedipoda germanica (Latr.) (Caelifera: Acrididae), threatened with extinction in Germany. Journal for Nature Conservation 13 (4), pp. 257 - 266 (2005)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Kéfi, S.; Thébault, E.; Eklöf, A.; Lurgi, M.; Davis, A. J.; Kondoh, M.; Krumins, J. A.: Toward multiplex ecological networks: accounting for multiple interaction types to understand community structure and dynamics. In: Adaptive food webs: stability and transitions of real and model ecosystems, pp. 73 - 87 (Eds. Moore, J. C.; de Ruiter, P. C.; McCann, K. S.; Wolters, V.). University Press, Cambridge (2017)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Davis, A. J.; Lamonova, N. S.; Vynokurova, O.: Biomedical signals processing based on wavelet neuroarchitecture. In: 2nd International Radio Electronic Forum, IREF'2005. 2nd International Radio Electronic Forum, IREF'2005, Kharkov, Ukraine. (2005)
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