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Journal Article (9)

Journal Article
Li, S.; Joo, Y.; Cao, D.; Li, R.; Lee, G.; Halitschke, R.; Baldwin, G.; Baldwin, I. T.; Wang, M.: Strigolactone signaling regulates specialized metabolism in tobacco stems and interactions with stem-feeding herbivores. PLoS Biology 18 (8), e3000830 (2020)
Journal Article
Song, Y.; Wang, M.; Zeng, R.; Groten, K.; Baldwin, I. T.: Priming and filtering of antiherbivore defences among Nicotiana attenuata plants connected by mycorrhizal networks. Plant, Cell and Environment 42 (11), pp. 2945 - 2961 (2019)
Journal Article
Mindt, E.; Wang, M.; Schäfer, M.; Halitschke, R.; Baldwin, I. T.: Quantification of blumenol derivatives as leaf biomarkers for plant-AMF association. Bio-protocol 9 (14), e3301 (2019)
Journal Article
Pandey, P.; Wang, M.; Baldwin, I. T.; Pandey, S. P.; Groten, K.: Complex regulation of microRNAs in roots of competitively-grown isogenic Nicotiana attenuata plants with different capacities to interact with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. BMC Genomics 19, 937 (2018)
Journal Article
Wang, M.; Schäfer, M.; Li, D.; Halitschke, R.; Dong, C.-F.; McGale, E.; Paetz, C.; Song, Y.; Li, S.; Dong, J. et al.; Heiling, S.; Groten, K.; Franken, P.; Bitterlich, M.; Harrison, M.; Paszkowski, U.; Baldwin, I. T.: Blumenols as shoot markers for root symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. eLife 7, e37093 (2018)
Journal Article
Li, R.; Cortés Llorca, L.; Schuman, M. C.; Wang, Y.; Wang, L. L.; Joo, Y.; Wang, M.; Giddings Vassão, D.; Baldwin, I. T.: ZEITLUPE in the roots of wild tobacco regulates jasmonate-mediated nicotine biosynthesis and resistance to a generalist herbivore. Plant Physiology 177 (2), pp. 833 - 846 (2018)
Journal Article
Wang, M.; Wilde, J.; Baldwin, I. T.; Groten, K.: Nicotiana attenuata's capacity to interact with arbuscular mycorrhiza alters its competitive ability and elicits major changes in the leaf transcriptome. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 60 (3), pp. 242 - 261 (2018)
Journal Article
Wang, M.; Schoettner, M.; Xu, S.; Paetz, C.; Wilde, J.; Baldwin, I. T.; Groten, K.: Catechol, a major component of smoke, influences primary root growth and root hair elongation through reactive oxygen species-mediated redox signaling. New Phytologist 213 (4), pp. 1755 - 1770 (2017)
Journal Article
Li, R.; Wang, M.; Wang, Y.; Schuman, M. C.; Weinhold, A.; Schäfer, M.; Jimenez-Aleman, G. H.; Barthel, A.; Baldwin, I. T.: Flower-specific jasmonate signaling regulates constitutive floral defenses in wild tobacco. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114 (34), pp. E7205 - E7214 (2017)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Wang, M.: A hidden mystery: root adaptive responses to environmental factors in Nicotiana attenuata. Dissertation, 170 pp., Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena (2018)
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