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Journal Article
Wu, J.; Wang, L.; Wünsche, H.; Baldwin, I. T.: Narboh D, a respiratory burst oxidase homolog in Nicotiana attenuata, is required for late defense responses after herbivore attack. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 55 (2), pp. 187 - 198 (2013)
Journal Article
Wang, L.; Allmann, S.; Wu, J.; Baldwin, I. T.: Comparisons of LIPOXYGENASE3- and JASMONATE-RESISTANT4/6-silenced plants reveal that jasmonic acid and jasmonic acid-amino acid conjugates play different roles in herbivore resistance of Nicotiana attenuata. Plant Physiology 146 (3), pp. 904 - 915 (2008)
Journal Article
Wu, J.; Wang, L.; Baldwin, I. T.: Methyl jasmonate-elicited herbivore resistance: does MeJA function as a signal without being hydrolyzed to JA? Planta 227 (5), pp. 1161 - 1168 (2008)
Journal Article
Wang, L.; Halitschke, R.; Kang, J.-H.; Berg, A.; Harnisch, F.; Baldwin, I. T.: Independently silencing two JAR family members impairs levels of trypsin proteinase inhibitors but not nicotine. Planta 226 (1), pp. 159 - 167 (2007)
Journal Article
Kang, J. H.; Wang, L.; Giri, A.; Baldwin, I. T.: Silencing threonine deaminase and JAR4 in Nicotiana attenuata impairs jasmonic acid-isoleucine-mediated defenses against Manduca sexta. The Plant Cell 18 (11), pp. 3303 - 3320 (2006)
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