Publications of Lan Lan Wang

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Journal Article
Li, R.; Jin, J.; Xu, J.; Wang, L. L.; Li, J.; Lou, Y.; Baldwin, I. T.: Long non-coding RNAs associate with jasmonate-mediated plant defense against herbivores. Plant, Cell and Environment 44 (3), pp. 982 - 994 (2021)
Journal Article
Li, R.; Cortés Llorca, L.; Schuman, M. C.; Wang, Y.; Wang, L. L.; Joo, Y.; Wang, M.; Giddings Vassão, D.; Baldwin, I. T.: ZEITLUPE in the roots of wild tobacco regulates jasmonate-mediated nicotine biosynthesis and resistance to a generalist herbivore. Plant Physiology 177 (2), pp. 833 - 846 (2018)
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