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Journal Article
Fischer, M. L.; Fabian, B.; Pauchet, Y.; Wielsch, N.; Sachse, S.; Vilcinskas, A.; Vogel, H.: An assassin’s secret: multifunctional cytotoxic compounds in the predation venom of the assassin bug Psytalla horrida (Reduviidae, Hemiptera). Toxins 15 (4), 302 (2023)
Journal Article
Fischer, M. L.; Yepes Vivas, S. A.; Wielsch, N.; Kirsch, R.; Vilcinskas, A.; Vogel, H.: You are what you eat—ecological niche and microhabitat influence venom activity and composition in aquatic bugs. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 290 (1995), 20222064 (2023)
Journal Article
Fischer, M. L.; Wielsch, N.; Heckel, D. G.; Vilcinskas, A.; Vogel, H.: Context‐dependent venom deployment and protein composition in two assassin bugs. Ecology and Evolution 10 (18), pp. 9932 - 9947 (2020)
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