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Publications of Zhi-Ling Yang

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Journal Article
Yang, Z.-L.; Seitz, F.; Grabe, V.; Nietzsche, S.; Richter, A.; Reichelt, M.; Beutel, R.; Beran, F.: Rapid and selective absorption of plant defense compounds from the gut of a sequestering insect. Frontiers in Physiology 13, 846732 (2022)
Journal Article
Yang, Z.-L.; Nour-Eldin, H. H.; Hänniger, S.; Reichelt, M.; Crocoll, C.; Seitz, F.; Vogel, H.; Beran, F.: Sugar transporters enable a leaf beetle to accumulate plant defense compounds. Nature Communications 12, 2658 (2021)
Journal Article
Chen, J.; Ullah, C.; Reichelt, M.; Beran, F.; Yang, Z.-L.; Gershenzon, J.; Hammerbacher, A.; G. Vassão, D.: The phytopathogenic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum detoxifies plant glucosinolate hydrolysis products via an isothiocyanate hydrolase. Nature Communications 11 (1), 3090 (2020)
Journal Article
Yang, Z.-L.; Kunert, G.; Sporer, T.; Körnig, J.; Beran, F.: Glucosinolate abundance and composition in Brassicaceae influence sequestration in a specialist flea beetle. Journal of Chemical Ecology 46, pp. 186 - 197 (2020)
Journal Article
Ahn, S.-J.; Betzin, F.; Gikonyo, M. W.; Yang, Z.-L.; Köllner, T. G.; Beran, F.: Identification and evolution of glucosinolate sulfatases in a specialist flea beetle. Scientific Reports 9, 15725 (2019)
Journal Article
Fu, N.; Yang, Z.-l.; Pauchet, Y.; Paetz, C.; Brandt, W.; Boland, W.; Burse, A.: A cytochrome P450 from juvenile mustard leaf beetles hydroxylates geraniol, a key step in iridoid biosynthesis. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 113, 103212 (2019)
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