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Publications of Bettina Dudek

Journal Article (7)

Journal Article
Dudek, B.; Warskulat, A.-C.; Vogel, H.; Wielsch, N.; Menezes, R. C.; Hupfer, Y.; Paetz, C.; Gebauer-Jung, S.; Svatoš, A.; Schneider, B.: An integrated—omics/chemistry approach unravels enzymatic and spontaneous steps to form flavoalkaloidal nudicaulin pigments in flowers of Papaver nudicaule L. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (8), 4129 (2021)
Journal Article
Stavenga, D. G.; Leertouwer, H. L.; Dudek, B.; van der Kooi, C. J.: Coloration of flowers by flavonoids and consequences of pH dependent absorption. Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 600124 (2021)
Journal Article
Dudek, B.; Schneider, B.; Hilger, H. H.; Stavenga, D. G.; Martínez-Harms, J.: Highly different flavonol content explains geographic variations in the UV reflecting properties of flowers of the corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas (Papaveraceae). Phytochemistry 178, 112457 (2020)
Journal Article
Dudek, B.; Schnurrer, F.; Dahse, H.-M.; Paetz, C.; Warskulat, A.-C.; Weigel, C.; Voigt, K.; Schneider, B.: Formation of nudicaulins in vivo and in vitro and the biomimetic synthesis and bioactivity of O-methylated nudicaulin derivatives. Molecules 23 (12), 3357 (2018)
Journal Article
Martínez-Harms, J.; Warskulat, A.-C.; Dudek, B.; Kunert, G.; Lorenz, S.; Hansson, B. S.; Schneider, B.: Biosynthetic and functional color-scent associations in flowers of Papaver nudicaule and its impact on pollinators. Chembiochem 19 (14), pp. 1553 - 1562 (2018)
Journal Article
Dudek, B.; Warskulat, A.-C.; Schneider, B.: The occurrence of flavonoids and related compounds in flower sections of Papaver nudicaule. Plants 5, 28 (2016)
Journal Article
Warskulat, A.-C.; Tatsis, E.; Dudek, B.; Kai, M.; Lorenz, S.; Schneider, B.: An unprecedented utilization of pelargonidin and indole for the biosynthesis of plant indole alkaloids. Chembiochem 17 (4), pp. 318 - 327 (2016)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Dudek, B.: Colour development and pigment characterisation in flowers of Papaver nudicaule and Papaver rhoeas. Dissertation, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Jena (2021)

Thesis - Master (1)

Thesis - Master
Dudek, B.: Untersuchungen zu Metabolitenprofil und Farbenstehung in gelben Papaver nudicaule-Blüten. Master, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena (2015)
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