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Journal Article
Soh, D.; Nkwengoua, E.; Ngantchou, I.; Nyasse, B.; Denier, C.; Hannaert, V.; Shaker, K. H.; Schneider, B.: Xylopioxyde and other bioactive kaurane-diterpenes from Xylopia aethiopica Dunal (Annonaceae). Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 3 (12), pp. 013 - 019 (2013)
Journal Article
Kunert, M.; Rahfeld, P.; Shaker, K. H.; Schneider, B.; David, A.; Dettner, K.; Pasteels, J. M.; Boland, W.: Beetles do it differently: Two stereodivergent cyclisation modes in iridoid-producing leaf-beetle larvae. ChemBioChem 14, pp. 353 - 360 (2013)
Journal Article
Kaur, H.; Shaker, K. H.; Heinzel, N.; Ralph, J.; Galis, I.; Baldwin, I. T.: Environmental stresses of field growth allow cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase-deficient Nicotiana attenuata plants to compensate for their structural deficiencies. Plant Physiology 159 (4), pp. 1545 - 1570 (2012)
Journal Article
Weinhold, A.; Shaker, K. H.; Wenzler, M.; Schneider, B.; Baldwin, I. T.: Phaseoloidin, a homogentisic acid glucoside from Nicotiana attenuata trichomes, contributes to the plant’s resistance against Lepidopteran herbivores. Journal of Chemical Ecology 37, pp. 1091 - 1098 (2011)
Journal Article
Shaker, K. H.; Morsy, N.; Zinecker, H.; Imhoff, J.F.; Schneider, B.: Secondary metabolites from Calotropis procera (Aiton). Phytochemistry Letters 3 (4), pp. 212 - 216 (2010)
Journal Article
Shaker, K.H.; Zinecker, H.; Ghani, M.A.; Imhoff, J.F.; Schneider, B.: Bioactive metabolites from the sponge Suberea sp. Chemistry and Biodiversity 7 (12), pp. 2880 - 2887 (2010)
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