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Paulmann, M. K.; Zimmermann, M. R.; Wegner, L.; van Bel, A. J. E.; Kunert, G.; Furch, A. C. U.: Species-specific and distance-dependent dispersive behaviour of forisomes in different legume species. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (2), E492 (2021)
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Yang, Z.-L.; Kunert, G.; Sporer, T.; Körnig, J.; Beran, F.: Glucosinolate abundance and composition in Brassicaceae influence sequestration in a specialist flea beetle. Journal of Chemical Ecology 46, pp. 186 - 197 (2020)
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Keesey, I.; Grabe, V.; Gruber, L.; Körte, S.; Obiero, G. F.; Bolton, G.; Khallaf, M. A.; Kunert, G.; Lavista Llanos, S.; Valenzano, D. R. et al.; Rybak, J.; Barrett, B. A.; Knaden, M.; Hansson, B. S.: Inverse resource allocation between vision and olfaction across the genus Drosophila. Nature Communications 10, 1162 (2019)
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Kirsch, R.; Kunert, G.; Vogel, H.; Pauchet, Y.: Pectin digestion in herbivorous beetles: Impact of pseudoenzymes exceeds that of their active counterparts. Frontiers in Physiology 10, 685 (2019)
Journal Article
Busch, A.; Kunert, G.; Wielsch, N.; Pauchet, Y.: Cellulose degradation in Gastrophysa viridula (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae): functional characterization of two CAZymes belonging to glycoside hydrolase family 45 reveals a novel enzymatic activity. Insect Molecular Biology 27 (5), pp. 633 - 650 (2018)
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Martínez-Harms, J.; Warskulat, A.-C.; Dudek, B.; Kunert, G.; Lorenz, S.; Hansson, B. S.; Schneider, B.: Biosynthetic and functional color-scent associations in flowers of Papaver nudicaule and its impact on pollinators. Chembiochem 19 (14), pp. 1553 - 1562 (2018)
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Adam, N.; Erler, T.; Kallenbach, M.; Kaltenpoth, M.; Kunert, G.; Baldwin, I. T.; Schuman, M. C.: Sex ratio of mirid populations shifts in response to hostplant co-infestation or altered cytokinin signaling. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 59 (1), pp. 44 - 59 (2017)
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Busch, A.; Kunert, G.; Heckel, D. G.; Pauchet, Y.: Evolution and functional characterization of CAZymes belonging to subfamily 10 of glycoside hydrolase family 5 (GH5_10) in two species of phytophagous beetles. PLoS One 12 (8), e0184305 (2017)
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Feistel, F.; Paetz, C.; Lorenz, S.; Beran, F.; Kunert, G.; Schneider, B.: Idesia polycarpa (Salicaceae) leaf constituents and their toxic effect on Cerura vinula and Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera) larvae. Phytochemistry 143, pp. 170 - 179 (2017)
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Barthel, A.; Vogel, H.; Pauchet, Y.; Pauls, G.; Kunert, G.; Groot, A. T.; Boland, W.; Heckel, D. G.; Heidel-Fischer, H. M.: Immune modulation enables a specialist insect to benefit from antibacterial withanolides in its host plant. Nature Communications 7, 12530 (2016)
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Herden, J.; Meldau, S.; Kim, S.-G.; Kunert, G.; Joo, Y.; Baldwin, I. T.; Schuman, M. C.: Shifting Nicotiana attenuata's diurnal rhythm does not alter its resistance to the specialist herbivore Manduca sexta. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 58 (7), pp. 656 - 668 (2016)
Journal Article
Henke, C.; Kunert, M.; Veit, D.; Kunert, G.; Krause, K.; Kothe, E.; Boland, W.: Analysis of volatiles from Picea abies triggered by below-ground interactions. Environmental and Experimental Botany 110, pp. 56 - 61 (2014)
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