Accepted Publications of the Institute

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Journal Article
Hansson, B. S.; Chang, H.; Cassau, S.; Krieger, J.; Guo , X.; Knaden, M.; Kang, L.: A chemical defense deters cannibalism in migratory locusts. Research Square (accepted)
Journal Article
Laupheimer, S.; Kurzweil, L.; Proels, R.; Unsicker, S.; Stark, T. D.; Dawid, C.; Hückelhoven, R.: Volatile-mediated signaling in barley induces metabolic reprogramming and resistance against the biotrophic fungus Blumeria hordei. Plant Biology (accepted)
Journal Article
Miranda Chávez, S. D.; Piazza, S.; Nuzzo, F.; Li, M.; Lagrèze, J.; Mithöfer, A.; Cestaro, A.; Tarkowská, D.; Espley, R.; Dare, A. et al.; Malnoy, M.; Martens, S.: CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing applied to MdPGT1 in apple results in reduced foliar phloridzin without impacting plant growth. The Plant Journal (accepted)
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