Publications of Silke Sachse

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Book Chapter
Strutz, A.; Völler, T.; Riemensperger, T.; Fiala, A.; Sachse, S.: Calcium imaging of neural activity in the olfactory system of Drosophila. In: Neuromethods / Genetically Encoded Functional Indicators, Vol. 72, pp. 43 - 70 (Ed. Martin, J.-R.) (2012)
Book Chapter
Galizia, C. G.; Sachse, S.: Odor coding in insects. In: The neurobiology of olfaction, pp. 35 - 70 (Ed. Menini, A.). CRC Press (2010)
Book Chapter
Sachse, S.; Galizia, C. G.: Topography and dynamics of the olfactory system. In: Dahlem Workshop Report / Microcircuits: The interface between neurons and global brain function, pp. 251 - 274 (Ed. Grillner, S.). MIT Press [u.a.], Cambridge, MA [u.a.] (2006)
Book Chapter
Galizia, C.G.; Sachse, S.; Mustaparta, H.: Optical imaging studies in the insect antennal lobe. In: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates, Vol. 9, pp. 77 - 84 (Eds. Marchlewska-Koj, A.; Lepri, J. J.; Müller-Schwarze , D.). Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, New York (2001)
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