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Journal Article (121)

Journal Article
O'Connor, S. E.; Imperiali, B.: A molecular basis for glycosylation-induced conformational switching. Chemistry & Biology 5 (8), pp. 427 - 437 (1998)

Preprint (2)

Li, C.; Wood, J. C.; Vu, H. A.; Hamilton, J. P.; Lopez, C. E. R.; Payne, R. M. E.; Serna Guerrero, D. A.; Yamamoto, K.; Vaillancourt, B.; Caputi, L. et al.; O’Connor, S. E.; Buell, C. R.: Single-cell multi-omics enabled discovery of alkaloid biosynthetic pathway genes in the medical plant Catharanthus roseus. (2022)
Dudley, Q. M.; Jo, S.; Serna Guerrero, D. A.; Chhetry, M.; Smedley, M. A.; Harwood, W. A.; Sherden, N. H.; O’Connor, S. E.; Caputi, L.; Patron, N. J.: Reconstitution of monoterpene indole alkaloid biosynthesis in genome engineered Nicotiana benthamiana. (submitted)

Book Chapter (6)

Book Chapter
Yamamoto, K.; Takahashi, K.; O’Connor, S. E.; Mimura, T.: Imaging MS analysis in Catharanthus roseus. In: Catharanthus roseus: Methods and Protocols, Vol. 2505, pp. 33 - 43 (Eds. Courdavault, V.; Besseau, S.). Humana Press, Totowa, New Yersey (2022)
Book Chapter
Chung, K.; O’Connor, S. E.: Biosynthesis of Vinblastine. In: Comprehensive Natural Products III: Chemistry and Biology, Vol. 2, pp. 642 - 685 (Eds. Liu, H.-W.; Begley, T. P.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (2020)
Book Chapter
Palmer, L.; O’Connor, S. E.: Virus-induced gene silencing in Nepeta. In: Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Plants, Vol. 2172, pp. 111 - 121 (Eds. Courdavault, V.; Besseau, S.). Springer Science+Business Media, Luxemburg (2020)
Book Chapter
Carqueijeiro, I.; Sepúlveda, L. J.; Mosquera, A.; Payne, R.; Corbin, C.; Papon, N.; de Bernonville, T. D.; Besseau, S.; Lanoue, A.; Glévarec, G. et al.; Clastre, M.; St-Pierre, B.; Atehortùa, L.; Giglioli-Guivarc’h, N.; O'Connor, S. E.; Oudin, A.; Courdavault, a. V.: Vacuole-targeted proteins: ins and outs of subcellular localization studies. In: Plant Vacuolar Trafficking, pp. 33 - 54 (Ed. Pereira, C.). Humania Press, New York City (2018)
Book Chapter
Jakubczyk, D.; O’Connor, S. E.: Ergot alkaloids. In: Privileged Scaffolds in Medicinal Chemistry: Design, Synthesis, Evaluation, Vol. 50, pp. 379 - 397 (2015)
Book Chapter
O'Connor, S. E.: Engineering of secondary metabolism. In: Annual Review of Genetics, Vol. 49, pp. 71 - 94. Annual Reviews, Inc., Palo Alto, Calif. (2015)

Book (2)

O'Connor, S. E.: Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering in plants and microbes. Part B. Metabolism in plants. (2016)
O'Connor, S. E.: Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering in plants and microbes. Part A: Metabolism in microbes. (2016)
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