Advertised Projects in Current Call

Please find an overview of projects advertised in the current IMPRS application call here. For detailed descriptions and candidate profiles, please visit the individual project pages. The 2021 call for applications is now finished. Please come back for a new application call ion March 21, 2022.

Project 1: Monitoring the rhizosphere via the integrity of the cell wall

Prof. Dr. Ralf Oelmüller, Priv. Doz. Dr. Axel Mithöfer

Project 2: The contribution of microbiome communities in the gut of the mealybug Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi to the detoxification of cocaine and other tropane alkaloids

Dr. John D'Auria, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Gershenzon

Project 3: The effect of climate-relevant temperature shifts on leaf microbiota colonization

Dr. Matt Agler, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Gershenzon

Project 4: Metabolic host-symbiont integration in a cuticle supplementing symbiosis

Dr. Tobias Engl, Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenpoth

Project 5: Localization and logistics of alkaloids biosynthesis in medicinal plants using single cell metabolomics and transcriptomics

Prof. Dr. Sarah O'Connor, Dr. Lorenzo Caputi

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