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Journal Article
Michal Johnson, J.; Thürich, J.; Petutschnig, E. K.; Altschmied, L.; Meichsner, D.; Sherameti, I.; Dindas, J.; Mrozinska, A.; Paetz, C.; Scholz, S. S. et al.; Furch, A. C. U.; Lipka, V.; Hedrich, R.; Schneider, B.; Svatoš, A.; Oelmüller, R.: A poly(A) ribonuclease controls the cellotriose-based interaction between Piriformospora indica and its host Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 176 (1), pp. 2496 - 2514 (2018)
Journal Article
Vahabi, K.; Sherameti, I.; Bakshi, M.; Mrozinska, A.; Ludwig, A.; Reichelt, M.; Oelmüller, R.: The interaction of Arabidopsis with Piriformospora indica shifts from initial transient stress induced by fungus-released chemical mediators to a mutualistic interaction after physical contact of the two symbionts. BMC Plant Biology 15, 58 (2015)
Journal Article
Nongbri, P. L.; Vahabi, K.; Mrozinska, A.; Seebald, E.; Sun, C.; Sherameti, I.; Michal Johnson, J.; Oelmüller, R.: Balancing defense and growth—Analyses of the beneficial symbiosis between Piriformospora indica and Arabidopsis thaliana. Symbiosis 58, pp. 17 - 28 (2012)
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