Publications of Astrid R. B. Søe

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Journal Article
Kunert, M.; Søe, A. R. B.; Bartram, S.; Pasteels, J.; Discher, S.; Tolzin-Banasch, K.; Nie, L.; David, A.; Boland, W.: De novo biosynthesis versus sequestration: a network of transport systems in leaf beetle larvae supports both modes for the production of iridoid defenses. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 38 (10), pp. 895 - 904 (2008)
Journal Article
Søe, A. R. B.; Bartram, S.; Gatto, N.; Boland, W.: Are iridoids in leaf beetle larvae synthesized de novo or derived from plant precursors? A methodological approach. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 40 (3), pp. 175 - 180 (2004)
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