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Journal Article
Kamileen, M. O.; DeMars II, M. D.; Hong, B.; Nakamura, Y.; Paetz, C.; Lichman, B. R.; Sonawane, P. D.; Caputi, L.; O’Connor, S. E.: Recycling upstream redox enzymes expands the regioselectivity of cycloaddition in Pseudo-Aspidosperma alkaloid biosynthesis. Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (42), pp. 19673 - 19579 (2022)
Journal Article
Langley, C.; Tatsis, E. E.; Hong, B.; Nakamura, Y.; Paetz, C.; Stevenson, C. E. M.; Basquin, J.; Lawson, D. M.; Caputi, L.; O’Connor, S. E.: Expansion of the catalytic repertoire of alcohol dehydrogenases in plant metabolism. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English, e202210934 (2022)
Journal Article
Hernández-Lozada, N. J.; Hong, B.; Wood, J. C.; Caputi, L.; Basquin, J.; Chuang, L.; Kunert, M.; Rodriguez Lopez, C. E.; Langley, C.; Zhao, D. et al.; Buell, C. R.; Lichman, B. R.; O’Connor, S. E.: Biocatalytic routes to stereo-divergent iridoids. Nature Communications 13, 4718 (2022)
Journal Article
Rodriguez Lopez, C. E.; Jiang, Y.; Kamileen, M. O.; Lichman, B. R.; Hong, B.; Vaillancourt, B.; Buell, C. R.; O’Connor, S. E.: Phylogeny-aware chemoinformatic analysis of chemical diversity in Lamiaceae enables iridoid pathway assembly and discovery of aucubin synthase. Molecular Biology and Evolution 39 (4), msac057 (2022)
Journal Article
Trenti, F.; Yamamoto, K.; Hong, B.; Paetz, C.; Nakamura, Y.; O’Connor, S. E.: Early and late steps of quinine biosynthesis. Organic Letters 23 (5), pp. 1793 - 1797 (2021)
Journal Article
Rodríguez‐López, C. E.; Hong, B.; Paetz, C.; Nakamura, Y.; Koudounas, K.; Passeri, V.; Baldoni, L.; Alagna, F.; Calderini, O.; O’Connor, S. E.: Two bi-functional cytochrome P450 CYP72 enzymes from olive (Olea europaea) catalyze the oxidative C-C bond cleavage in the biosynthesis of secoxy-iridoids – flavor and quality determinants in olive oil. New Phytologist 229 (4), pp. 2288 - 2301 (2021)
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