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Li, S.; Joo, Y.; Cao, D.; Li, R.; Lee, G.; Halitschke, R.; Baldwin, G.; Baldwin, I. T.; Wang, M.: Strigolactone signaling regulates specialized metabolism in tobacco stems and interactions with stem-feeding herbivores. PLoS Biology 18 (8), e3000830 (2020)
Ha, J.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.; Sim, H.; Lee, G.; Halitschke, R.; Baldwin, I. T.; Kim, J.; Park, C.: Shoot phytochrome B modulates reactive oxygen species homeostasis in roots via abscisic acid signaling in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 94 (5), S. 790 - 798 (2018)
Lee, G.; Joo, Y.; Kim, S.-G.; Baldwin, I. T.: What happens in the pith stays in the pith: tissue-localized defense responses facilitate chemical niche differentiation between two spatially separated herbivores. The Plant Journal 92 (3), S. 414 - 425 (2017)
Lee, G.; Joo, Y.; Diezel, C.; Lee, E. J.; Baldwin, I. T.; Kim, S.-G.: Trichobaris weevils distinguish amongst toxic hostplants by sensing volatiles that do not affect larval performance. Molecular Ecology 25 (14), S. 3509 - 3519 (2016)
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