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Xu, S.; Schlüter, P. M.; Scopece, G.; Breitkopf, H.; Gross, K.; Cozzolino, S.; Schiestl, F. P.: Floral isolation is the main reproductive barrier among closely related sexually deceptive orchids. Evolution: international journal of organic evolution 65 (9), S. 2606 - 2620 (2011)
Schlüter, P. M.; Xu, S.; Gagliardini, V.; Whittle, E.; Shanklin, J.; Grossniklaus, U.; Schiestl, F. P.: Stearoyl-acyl carrier protein desaturases are associated with floral isolation in sexually deceptive orchids. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 (14), S. 5696 - 5701 (2011)
Xu, S.; Clark, T.; Zheng, H.; Vang, S.; Li, R.; Wong, G. K.-S.; Wang, J.; Zheng, X.: Gene conversions in the rice genome. BMC Genomics 9, 93 (2008)
Xu, S.; Luosang, J.; Hua, S.; He, J.; Ciren, A.; Wang, W.; Tong, X.; Liang, Y.; Wang, J.; Zheng, X.: High altitude adaptation and phylogeny analysis of Tibetan horse based on the mitochondrial genome. International Journal of Genetics and Genomics 34 (8), S. 720 - 729 (2007)
Wang, W.; Wang, C.; Xu, S.; Chena, C.; Tong, X.; Liang, Y.; Dong, X.; Lei, Y.; Zheng, X.; Yu, J. et al.; Wang, J.: Detection of HPV-2 and identification of novel mutations by whole genome sequencing from biopsies of two patients with multiple cutaneous horns. Journal of Clinical Virology 39 (1), S. 34 - 42 (2007)
Tong, X. M.; Liang, Y.; Wang, W.; Xu, S.; Zheng, X. G.; Wang, J.; Yu, J.: Complete sequence and gene organization of the Tibetan chicken mitochondrial genome. Yichuan 28 (7), S. 769 - 777 (2006)
Xu, S.; Yang, Y.Z.; Zhou, J.; Jing, G.E.; Chen, Y.T.; Wang, J.; Yang, H.M.; Wang, J.; Yu, J.; Zheng, X.G. et al.; Ge, R.L.: A mitochondrial genome sequence of the Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii). Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 3 (1), S. 5 - 17 (2005)

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Ling, Z.; Brockmoeller, T.; Baldwin, I. T.; Xu, S.: The rapid evolution of alternative splicing in plants. (2017)
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