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Förster, C.; Gershenzon, J.; Köllner, T. G.: Evolution of DIMBOA-Glc o-methyltransferases from flavonoid o-methyltransferases in the grasses. Molecules 27 (3), 1007 (2022)
Förster, C.; Handrick, V.; Ding, Y.; Nakamura, Y.; Paetz, C.; Schneider, B.; Castro-Falcón, G.; Hughes, C. C.; Luck, K.; Poosapati, S. et al.; Kunert, G.; Huffaker, A.; Gershenzon, J.; Schmelz, E. A.; Köllner, T. G.: Biosynthesis and antifungal activity of fungus-induced O-methylated flavonoids in maize. Plant Physiology 188 (1), S. 167 - 190 (2022)
Gfeller, V.; Huber, M.; Förster, C.; Huang, W.; Köllner, T. G.; Erb, M.: Root volatiles in plant–plant interactions I: High root sesquiterpene release is associated with increased germination and growth of plant neighbours. Plant, Cell and Environment 42 (6), S. 1950 - 1963 (2019)
Li, B.; Förster, C.; Robert, C. A. M.; Züst, T.; Hu, L.; Machado, R. A. R.; Berset, J.-D.; Handrick, V.; Knauer, T.; Hensel, G. et al.; Chen, W.; Kumlehn, J.; Yang, P.; Keller, B.; Gershenzon, J.; Jander, G.; Köllner, T. G.; Erb, M.: Convergent evolution of a metabolic switch between aphid and caterpillar resistance in cereals. Science Advances 4 (12), eaat6797 (2018)
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