Microfluidics and nanostructured platform for sample preparation and analysis

We are intensively studying the possible use of microfluidics and Lab-on-chip technological platforms for the understanding of chemical-ecological interactions. In a campus-wide cooperation a chip enabling DNA sequence read-out using three orthogonal methods (fluorescence, AFM/optical detection, and MALDI MS) was realized (Ibáñez et al. 2008 Anal. Chem.).
Similar multiple read out on similar planar microfluidic chip was used for on-chip enzymatic activity assay for high throughput estimation of enzymatic activity of proteins and their inhibitors (Halim et al. 2009 Proteomics). For a more precise determination of binding constants, a previously developed full-plastic chip was used to measure the binding constant of lysozyme and NAG oligomers and to follow its enzymatic cleavage (Svobodová et al. 2010 Electrophoresis).