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Media Coverage 2020

Press Release No. 5/2020 (213),  May 13, 2020
How a mint became catmint

Katzen im Rausch: Wie aus Minze Katzenminze wurde
Laborjournal, May 15, 2020

Genome of Catnip Reveals How It Makes Cats Nuts
By Steven Reinberg, U.S. News, May 13, 2020

Wie die Minze zur Katzenminze wurde
MDR Wissen, May 13, 2020

Press Release No. 3/2020 (211),  April 20, 2020
Spores please!

Grünkost mit deftiger Pilzbeilage
By Martin Vieweg,, April 27, 2020


Rätselhafte Phänomene - Diamantenfieber und sprechende Pflanzen
(including an interview with Sybille Unsicker about how plants like the black poplar defend themselves)
Terra X / ZDF, April 26, 2020


Press Release No. 12/2019 (207),  December 2, 2019
Sweet potato uses a single odor to warn its neighbors of insect attack

Sweet Potato Sends Secret Signals
By Priyanka Runwal, Scientific America, January 24, 2020