Research Group Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics

The Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics research group is in charge of the MS laboratory of the institute. The primary objective is to measure mass spectra (MS) for structural elucidation and new compound characterization (molecular composition) in cooperation with the scientific departments of the MPI-CE. In addition to service, which is aimed especially at structure confirmation of synthetic compounds, projects on structure elucidation of natural products and the elucidation of biosynthetic pathways are carried out. New analytical methods are also developed with a focus on new MALDI matrices and small molecule in situ distribution visualization/imaging. Strong attention is put on teaching and training our users, and we have been organizing summer schools with topics in mass spectrometry on small molecules and proteomics.

Dr. Aleš Svatoš

Leader: Dr. Aleš Svatoš

+49 (0) 3641 57 1700


Service analyses of small molecules are performed in MassLab. Volatile and thermally stable compounds are measured on the magnetic sector MassSpec instrument connected to a gas chromatogram, for polar and thermally unstable samples Orbitrap XL connected to UPLC RLX 3000. Imaging of metabolites in plants and insects is run on MaldiMicro TOF/MS.


In 2004 our proteomic facility (ProtLab) was established in cooperation with the MPI for Biogeochemistry and the Hans Knöll Institute, both located on Beutenberg Campus. ProtLab provides services in 1D and 2D-gel electrophoresis and mass-spectrometry based protein identifications. Typically samples are measured on a hybrid Q-TOF HDMS Synapt instrument with a high mass accuracy providing data usable for de novo sequencing of peptides / small polypeptides from non-sequenced organisms.