ICE 16

Graduate Course in Insect Chemical Ecology* in Jena, Germany, June 27th to July 8th 2016

*the ICE course series is co-organized with Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences and Penn State University

Chemical Ecology - a multidisciplinary approach

With special focus on: plant-insect interactions, the neurobiology of behavior and brain circuitry in insects.

Further topics: Pheromones, olfactory receptors, sensory physiology and
multimodal processing, plant and insect evolution, chemical methods, insects and diseases, new and upcoming applications.

Begin of Registration:February 1st, 2016
Registration and Payment Deadline:April 30th, 2016
Poster Title and Abstract Submission Deadline:June 9th, 2016

Confirmed Lecturers:

Anton, Sylvia
Baker, Tom
Baldwin, Ian T.
Beran, Franziska
Beutel, Rolf
Bisch-Knaden, Sonja
Braecker, Lasse
Cardé, Ring
Dekker, Teun
Fiala, Andre
Grosse-Wilde, Ewald
Hansson, Bill
Harzsch, Steffen
Hiesinger, Robin
Hilker, Monika
Hill, Sharon
Hillbur, Ylva
Hillier, Kirk
Hummel, Thomas
Kadow, Ilona
Knaden, Markus
Krieger, Jürgen
Kost, Christian
Olsson, Shannon
Rössler, Wolfgang
Rybak, Jürgen
Sachse, Silke
Sandoz, Jean-.C.
Steck, Kathrin
Störtkuhl, Klemens
Szyszka, Paul
Stengl, Monika
Svatoš, Aleš
Vogel, Heiko
Wicher, Dieter


Course organizers:

Ewald Grosse-Wilde, Bill Hansson, Markus Knaden, Jürgen Rybak, Silke Sachse, Dieter Wicher.

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