Dr. Sybille Unsicker

   Department of Biochemistry
   Chemical Ecology in Poplar
 Phone:+49 (0)3641 57 1328Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
 Fax:+49 (0)3641 57 1302Hans-Knöll-Straße 8
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Studies of biology at the University of Würzburg, Germany and the Duke University, Durham, USA

Diploma thesis: "Herbivore Insekten in arborikolen Systemen der Westafrikanischen Savanne (Herbivorous insects in arboricolous systems of the West African Savanna). Supervised by Dr. Karsten Mody and Prof. Dr. K.-E. Linsenmair

PhD student at the Institute of Ecology in Jena in the group of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weisser

PhD thesis: "Plant-insect interactions in grasslands along a gradient of plant species diversity"

Sep 2006
Postdoc in the group of Prof. Dr. Jonathan Gershenzon

since 2008
Principal investigator


International Society of Chemical Ecology ISCE

Ecological Society of Germany gfö
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