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Representative / Committee work

2016-PhD representative of the Department of Molecular Ecology

Courses attended

Jan 2019Plant morphometry, speaker: Dr. Felipe Yon
Nov 2018Digital Tools in Science Project Management, speaker: Dr. Johanna Havemann
Oct 2018How to finish your PhD, speaker: Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf
Sep 2018Grant Proposal Writing, speaker: Dr. Sabine Preusse
Dec 2017Data Visualization, speaker: Dr. Rick Scavetta
Aug 2017The Basics of Light and Fluorescence Microscopy, speaker: Dr. Veit Grabe
May 2017Media and Public Relations for Science, speaker: Heike Dierbach
May 2017Good Scientific Practice in the Doctoral Training Phase, speaker: Dr. Dorit Schmidt
Mar 2017Academic Writing: How to Create Good Texts, speaker: Dr. Melanie Lynn Conrad
Dec 2016Data Visualization, speaker: Dr. Rick Scavetta
Apr 2016Basic Bioinformatics & Molecular Evolution, speaker: Andrew Heidel, Claudia Voelckel
Jan 2016Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, speaker: Dr. Nico Überschaar
Mar 2015R course - The Basics