Francesca Protti Sanchez

   Research Group Predators and Toxic Prey
 Phone:+49 (0)3641 57 1804Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
 Fax:-Hans-Knöll-Straße 8
  emailD-07745 Jena

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Oral Presentations

Protti Sanchez F. (2021). Behavioural and neural correlates of taste perception in domestic chicks (Gallusgallus). Talk presented at 20th IMPRS Symposium, International Max Planck Research School "The Exploration of Ecological Interactions with Molecular and Chemical Techniques" (virtual), Jena, DE
Protti Sanchez F. (Sep 2020). Don’t eat me, i´m toxic! How poison frogs avoid predation. Talk presented at Online Seminar Series, MPI for Chemical Ecology, Jena, DE. youtube

Poster Presentations

Protti Sanchez F., Mayer U., Rowland H. (2020). Behavioural responses to umami and bitter taste in domestic chicks (Gallus gallus). Poster presented at Institute Symposium, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, DE