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Current Research:

Detoxification of isothiocyanates by glutathione conjugation in the cabbage stem flea beetle

Detoxification of plant toxins is a necessity for most herbivorous insects to successfully feed on their host plants. The cabbage stem flea beetle Psylliodes chrysocephala is a serious pest of many Brassicaceae. These plants produce glucosinolates, which are converted to toxic isothiocyanates upon tissue damage. A recent study on the metabolic fate of 4-methylsulfinylbutyl (4MSOB) glucosinolate in P. chrysocephala has shown that P. chrysocephala uses different ways to cope with this plant defense compound. Besides sequestration of intact glucosinolates and the production of desulfo-glucosinolates, P. chrysocephala metabolizes toxic isothiocyanates by conjugation to glutathione via the conserved mercapturic acid pathway. In this project I will investigate the role of glutathione S -transferases in the detoxification of isothiocyanates in P. chrysocephala.
last updated on 2019-10-30