Anja Katharina Meents

   Research Group Plant Defense Physiology
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PhD Thesis

started in Jan 2017
Isolation and characterization of Arabidopsis mutants impaired in systemic wound signaling
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Biologisch Pharmazeutische Fakultät
First Supervisor: Prof. Dr. R. Oelmüller
Co-Supervisor(s): PD Dr. A. Mithöfer

Master Thesis

Analysis of defense-related reactions upon herbivore attack in Ipomoea batatas
Universität Konstanz
First Supervisor: PD Dr. A. Mithöfer
Retrieved from Thesis (hosted by MPI)

Could you be the One? – Identification of calcium signaling mutants

Plants are constantly subjected to a plethora of environmental challenges. Therefore they are tailoring their responses to biotic as well as abiotic stress factors using various chemical regulators in order to transmit local information to distal tissues. One of the earliest described signaling events in plants after applying different stimuli are the changes in intracellular Calcium (Ca2+) concentrations. In order to follow these calcium signatures, the non-invasive Ca2+ reporter aequorin serves as a suitable system to visualize local and systemically induced calcium waves in real time using a photon counting camera.
The rapid cytosolic calcium increase is known to play a pivotal role in long-range signaling within the plant, triggering local as well as systemic responses. Especially wounding by cutting the roots leads to a fast activation of molecular mechanisms throughout the plant. However, the mechanism of this wounding-specific response is not yet investigated.
Using forward genetic screening approaches after chemical mutagenesis in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana allows to search for a specific phenotype. My thesis focusses on the aequorin-based identification of a phenotype lacking a cutting-specific calcium elevation. The investigation of the molecular basis of systemic calcium signaling after wounding will be combined with establishing a standardized root-cutting method.
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