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Representative / Committee work

2013-2017PhD representative of the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry / Research Group Experimental Ecology and Evolution

PR requirements

Nov 2015supervised at IMPRS Recruitment 2015: candidate parenting
2015-2017Betreuung Master Thesis: The effect of niche differentiation and genetic diversity on the metabolic cross-feeding within auxotrophic bacterial communities
Nov 2014supervised at IMPRS Recruitment 2014: candidate parenting
Oct 2014Betreuung Master Thesis: Master thesis on "Experimental evolution of interspecific cross-feeding interactions in bacteria"
Nov 2013demonstrated at 5. Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Jena: The work of her group
Sep-Oct 2013Betreuung Bachelor Thesis: Bachelor thesis on "Coevolution of bacteria and plasmids"

Courses attended

Feb 2019Excursion to Jena BioScience, speaker: Nadine Müller-Dittmann
Jul 2018GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice, speaker: Thomas Beer
Jan 2015Adobe Illustrator, speaker: Dr. Nico Überschaar
Aug 2014Analysis of Transcriptome Data, speaker: Dr. E. Große-Wilde, Dr. H. Vogel, Dr. S. Xu, Dr. K. Gase, MPI-CE
May 2014Sachkunde nach § 15 Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 3, Abs 4 der GenTSV, speaker: Dr. Andreas Unkroth, Monika Wetzker
Mar 2014Transcriptional Profiling, speaker: Dr. Jan Büllesbach
Jan-Feb 2013Introduction into the Statistical Program R, speaker: Dr. G. Kunert