VIIth Art Exhibition

with works by Marina Hauck

Vernissage am 23.10.2018, 11:00 Uhr, Foyer des Instituts

Marina Hauck

Born 1961, Industrial Engineer


I love to watch things in my environment closely and to sharpen my awareness. I willfully train myself to take my time to absorb the details. Often, I am surprised how much beauty and humor are hidden in our everyday lives. This is the basis of my motivation to paint: the intense study of a motif, the exploration with the eyes, and the artistic realization on paper.  On a painted picture, the captured atmosphere is reflected in the chosen colors.

The intense occupation with a motif leaves everything else in the background. Drawing and painting are an active form of recreation for me. It is the joy of illustrating and creating which helps me take a step back from my daily routine and concentrate on the essential things in life.

When I am traveling, I use a sketchbook to collect impressions. A later consideration of these sketches brings back places and events I have experienced. It is fascinating, how intensely I remember motifs I have drawn.  I immediately recognize people I have portrayed quickly in a café or on a ferry when I meet them again later.

I owe many inspirations and skills to courses taught by Heike Burkhardt. Using unconventional means or mixing techniques is appealing to me, as I like to leave the usual paths in order to explore new ones. 

Landschaft © Marina Hauck
Porträt © Marina Hauck

The art exhibition VIELFALT IN FARBE UND LINIE (a diversity of colors and lines) will be opened on October 23, 2018, at 11:00 a.m. in the entrance hall of  the  Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology.

Location of the exhibition:
Entrance hall of the
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
Hans-Knöll-Straße 8
07745 Jena

Opening hours:
The exhibition will be open to the public from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m..

Entrance is free.

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